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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.
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Insurance Agency Consulting Services, LLC provides consulting and marketing services in connection with the purchase and sale of independent insurance agencies. When we represent potential sellers of agencies we act as brokers on their behalf. We advise them as to agency values and work to maximize their return from an agency sale. We require any interested parties to sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements before providing any agency information.

Insurance agency meeting and sales negotiation


During the past 20 years agency values have risen and fallen with changes in the insurance market. Multiples of commission income and EBITDA only begin to tell the true story of what an agency is worth to a willing buyer in today's marketplace. How can a seller ever know the value of his agency without exploring multiple potential buyers? We simplify this complicated process for agency sellers.


Insurance conference room
Experience assisting in so many agency acquisitions provides numerous alternatives to solve financing, valuation and tax issues that arise during every potential sale. Asset sales/ stock sales, Agency goodwill/Personal goodwill, Installment sale/Cash sale, what are the right choices for you?
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